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Quest Name Start NPC Requirements LVL Gold EXP Items/Other Rewards Walkthrough
Princess Charmie's Crystals Princess Charmie 0 0 0 Chance of spawning a Magical Unicorn. Chance of spawning a Skeletal centaur. Princess Charmie wants you to bring her a Crystal of Charmie.
Hydra Fangs Quest Nidia Murden Lushwood Fame 0 0 0 Lushwood Fame Nidia Murden requires 10 Hydra fangs for her concoction.
Anjel Feather Quest Desiree Lushwood Fame 0 0 0 Lushwood Fame Desiree wants you to bring her an Anjel feather.
Blood of the Sky Quest Lullaby 0 12500 0 Lushwood Fame Lullaby wants you to bring her Blood of the sky.
Demon Eye Quest Prinsa Lushwood Fame 0 0 0 Lushwood Fame Prinsa wants you to bring her Demon eyes.
Aquatic Plant Burning Allik Gip Lushwood Fame 0 0 2500000 Lushwood Fame Allik Gip wants you to burn down 5 Aquatic plants. Find each of the five Aquatic plants around Lushwood, stand near them, then double-click the gem Allik Gip gave you. Once you've burned 5 plants, return to Allik Gip.
Rainya's Coven Access Yuriel Lushwood Fame 0 0 0 Access to Rainya's Coven.
Elysium Access Abigail You must be a seraph to start this quest. You cannot gain access to Elyssium until you are level 100. 0 0 15000 Elysium Access Bring an apple to Abigail. She gives you a Book of 1000's Destinys. Go to the Forest of No Return and find an endless portal moving along the water on the south/southwest side of the island. Double-click the Book of 1000's Destinys and enter the portal. Find Tridan Arcanus on the island you get teleported to and he'll direct you to the Raven's Dust Library. Go to the Library and talk to Scholar Rieedel to receive Scriptures of the Damned. Return to Tridan Arcanus and he will tell you to find the entrance to Elysium. Buy an Elysium expansion pack key and give it to Greenfang to get to Elysium.
Ancient Sanctum Access Manatha Lushwood Fame 0 0 0 Access to Ancient Sanctum. To access to the Ancient Sanctum area, you have to gain enough fame in Lushwood. Once you have enough fame, talk to xxxx who wanders in front of the Ancient Sanctum gate and say "enter".
Ring of the Seraph Abyssia Oracle realm and Ethereal realm access. 0 0 0 Ring of the Seraph Abyssia asks you to kill 50 Time protectors.
The Sweeping Blacksmith Starlynn 1 1000 1000 Starlynn in the LH trainers wants a broom. Get her one for 1000 gold and exp.
Chase's Story Chase 1 200 0 Random leather armor piece Find Chase in the fields of Lighthaven south from the temple. Listed to his story to get a random piece of leather armor.
Bat Errand Harlin 1 400 1500 Find Harlin on the first level of the Lighthaven Dungeon. He will ask you to kill 10 bats for a reward.
Errand Lighthaven Samaritan 1 0 1000 Talk to the Lighthaven Samaritan until he asks about an "errand". Come back to him after killing 15 Brown Rats, found in the temple dungeon and elsewhere, to receive your reward.
Goblin Bridge Milathorn 3 500 3000 Near the goblin bridge exit of Lighthaven is an NPC named Milathorn who will reward you for killing 10 goblins.
Rotting Bat Wings Gilin 3 0 5000 Dusty Flail Gilin in the Lighthaven Temple wants you to kill the Pallid Bat found on the third level of the temple dungeon just before the stairway to the fourth level. Bring back the Rotting Bat Wings to receive 5000 exp and a Dusty Flail which is like a Skull Dagger for wisdom mages.
Tomb Raider Darkfang 3 0 5000 First talk to Darkfang and be sure to say "tomb raider". The tomb raider is in the Lighthaven crypt. If you can't easily kill him, try hiding somewhere so that the undeads will fight him for you. Make sure you deliver the fatal blow for the quest. When successful, Darkfang will reward you with 5000 exp.
Crypt Helper Winifred 3 0 6000 Find Winifred near the start of the Lighthaven crypt. First she needs you to kill 15 mummies, then after you report to her, 15 skeletons. When finished, report back to receive 6000 exp.
Elysium Part I Abigail Seraph 3 0 15000 Bring an apple to Abigail to receive 15k exp. The next part of the quest is in Raven's Dust.
Woodland Robe Teresa 4 0 0 Woodland Robe Bring a shimmering white robe and 1000 gold to Teresa to receive a Woodland Robe
Decaying bat wings Uranos 4 0 5000 Skull Dagger Uranos, a mage in the mage tower, needs an ingredient, which is decaying bat wings. Undead Bats found in the 2nd and 3rd levels of the Lighthaven Dungeon drop them. Find the wings and bring them to Uranos for 5k exp and a skull dagger
Brigand Helper Brigand commander 4 3000 20000 Find the Brigand commander just outside Lighthaven over the goblin bridge. He needs help and his orders are to kill 25 wandering orcs. Do so and receive 20k exp and 3k gold.
Isle of the Damned Manda 10 3000 25000 Manda is stuck and needs an Essence of Negation. Get one for her for some gold and exp.
Essence of Negation Roma 10 0 0 Find Roma who will give you an Essence of Negation if you bring her 3 kraanian eggs. Elliot and Manda want one!
Mints Pepper 10 0 0 Mint-conditioned 5k EXP - Shiny 4k EXP - Faded 3k EXP - Iffy 2k EXP - Nasty 1k EXP Kill Kraanians (all varieties) and collect mints (mint-conditioned, shiny, faded, iffy and nasty) and turn them into Pepper located at the entrance to Kraanian cave.
Giant Spider Robert Forger 10 0 0 Reinforced Leather Armor, can purchase Rusted Ringmail Armor Find Robert Forger in a building at the mercenary leader camp north of Lighthaven Bridge. The former master blacksmith is looking for revenge on a giant spider located in the center of the Labyrinth.
Essence for Elliot Elliot 10 3000 0 Elliot wants some Essence of Negation for which he will reward you with 3000 gold.
Star-bene Genevieve 20 0 5000 Crown of Intelligence Genevieve wants some star-bene root. It is dropped by Goblin Warlords. Give her a pouch in exchange for either levelx250 exp (roughly 90% of the time) or a Crown of Intelligence (rarely). Repeatable.
Corrupt Hearts Doctor Heppy Part of Crimsonscale's Letter quest 20 0 12500 Access the Tomb of the Fallen through Nomad's Crypt and kill Fallen Warriors to collect 5 corrupt hearts. Return them to Doctor Heppy for 12.5k exp.
Gwyndella's Book Sister Gwyndella 25 30000 125000 Talk to Sister Gwyndella is silversky temple to receive a book for Zella who is supposed to be in Windhowl. If you go there and talk to Brother Arees you will find that Zella has gone crazy and is in lighthaven. Give the book to the Crazed Lady in lighthaven then return back to Gwyndalla to receive 125k exp and 30k gold.
Demon Tree Killer Dion Lei 26 0 20000 Talk to Dion Lei at the south exit of Silversky who will reward you with 25k exp every time you kill 20 demon trees.
Shackles Bonnie 26 0 24000 In the Silversky Dungeon find Bonnie who wants the shackles dropped by Desperate Prisoners and Burly Jailkeepers and the Death Jester. Desperate Shackles reward 6k exp while Burly Shackles reward 8k exp and Jester's Shackles reward 10k exp. Repeatable.
Terrifying Fangs Nadia Twinzl 27 0 7000 Located just outside Zhakar's Tower, Nadia will give you 7k exp for each Terrifying Fang you bring her, dropped by Taunting Horrors.
Tarantula Killer Yonder 30 30000 200000 Find Yonder around tarantula pond in Raven's Dust. He asks you to kill 100 tarantulas. Do so for 200k exp and 30k gold.
Crystals to Red Spellbook Liliyn 50 0 0 red spellbook This quest, located in Stonecrest, will earn you a red spellbook in exchange for thirty raw crystals. See Liliyn at (264, 801, 0).
Charred Bone Labba 55 0 975000 Labba wants you to kill a Fenris Wolf. The wolf will drop a charred bone. Bring the bone to Labba for 1750*lvl exp.
Radiant Copper Medallion Quest Ghelli Loyd Elysium fame 100 0 0 Radiant Copper Medallion Bring 250 battle tokens (from the colosseum) to Ghelli Loyd in exchange for a Radiant Copper Medallion.