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Monster Drops & Locations

name Drops Locations
Demon of Clubs Ancient Sanctum
Demon of Diamonds Ancient Sanctum
Demon of Hearts Ancient Sanctum
Demon of Spades Devil Jewel: Spade, Viper blade +1 Ancient Sanctum
Dragon of Webs Ring of honesty, Star band, Ocean shackle Elfields
Emerald slime Torch, Light healing potion, Healing potion, Potion of fury, Amulet of dodging, Ring of the cleric, Ring of wizardry, Old light shield LH Dungeon 1 (406, 431, 1)
Giant Rat Ashwood Reflex Bow +3, Rusted Long Sword +3, Rusted hand axe +3 LH Dungeon 3 (47, 195, 1)
Goddess of Elfields Bracelet of the goddess, Hairpin of the goddess Elfields
Guilty fiend LH dungeon 4 (260, 455, 1)
Immoral Fiend LH Dungeon 4 (249, 527, 1)
Loathsome being Iron Key, Light healing potion, Potion of healing, Potion of mana, Mana elixer, Rusted dirk +1, Rusted dirk +2, Rusted dagger +1, Cape of loathsomeness LH Dungeon 3 (187, 351, 1)
Magical Unicorn Emerald-topped staff of earthquakes, Resonating Shield, Resonating Greenstone armor (all pieces), Resonating Greenstone Talisman Mordenthal's Dungeon
Memory of Innocence Penance cloak Shade Canyon
Memory of Nostalgia Odin's shield Shade Canyon
Pallid bat Torch, Light healing potion, Healing potion, Potion of mana, Potion of nimbleness, Boots of the light footed, Gloves of the strong fisted, Ring of the steady hand, Rotting Bat Wings LH Dungeon 3 (187, 306, 1)
Pegasus Glistening Cerulean armor (all pieces) fonr
Princess Rainya Starshade armor pieces, Star shade Rainya's Coven
Swamp Beast Glittering Ring, Stone Axe Northeast of Pepper and the entrance to the Kraanian cave
Undead spider Torch, Light healing potion, Healing potion, Potion of mana, Old robe of the cleric, Old robe of the wizard LH Dungeon 2 (335, 62, 1)
Unholy Fiend LH Dungeon 4 (167, 447, 1)