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Quest Name Start NPC Requirements LVL Gold EXP Items/Other Rewards Walkthrough
Gwyndella's Book Sister Gwyndella 25 30000 125000 Talk to Sister Gwyndella is silversky temple to receive a book for Zella who is supposed to be in Windhowl. If you go there and talk to Brother Arees you will find that Zella has gone crazy and is in lighthaven. Give the book to the Crazed Lady in lighthaven then return back to Gwyndalla to receive 125k exp and 30k gold.
Demon Tree Killer Dion Lei 26 0 20000 Talk to Dion Lei at the south exit of Silversky who will reward you with 25k exp every time you kill 20 demon trees.
Shackles Bonnie 26 0 24000 In the Silversky Dungeon find Bonnie who wants the shackles dropped by Desperate Prisoners and Burly Jailkeepers and the Death Jester. Desperate Shackles reward 6k exp while Burly Shackles reward 8k exp and Jester's Shackles reward 10k exp. Repeatable.
Terrifying Fangs Nadia Twinzl 27 0 7000 Located just outside Zhakar's Tower, Nadia will give you 7k exp for each Terrifying Fang you bring her, dropped by Taunting Horrors.
Tarantula Killer Yonder 30 30000 200000 Find Yonder around tarantula pond in Raven's Dust. He asks you to kill 100 tarantulas. Do so for 200k exp and 30k gold.