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Quest Name Start NPC Requirements LVL Gold EXP Items/Other Rewards Walkthrough
Princess Charmie's Crystals Princess Charmie 0 0 0 Chance of spawning a Magical Unicorn. Chance of spawning a Skeletal centaur. Princess Charmie wants you to bring her a Crystal of Charmie.
Ring of the Seraph Abyssia Oracle realm and Ethereal realm access. 0 0 0 Ring of the Seraph Abyssia asks you to kill 50 Time protectors.
Crystals to Red Spellbook Liliyn 50 0 0 red spellbook This quest, located in Stonecrest, will earn you a red spellbook in exchange for thirty raw crystals. See Liliyn at (264, 801, 0).
Charred Bone Labba 55 0 975000 Labba wants you to kill a Fenris Wolf. The wolf will drop a charred bone. Bring the bone to Labba for 1750*lvl exp.