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Quest Name Start NPC Requirements LVL Gold EXP Items/Other Rewards Walkthrough
Hydra Fangs Quest Nidia Murden Lushwood Fame 0 0 0 Lushwood Fame Nidia Murden requires 10 Hydra fangs for her concoction.
Anjel Feather Quest Desiree Lushwood Fame 0 0 0 Lushwood Fame Desiree wants you to bring her an Anjel feather.
Blood of the Sky Quest Lullaby 0 12500 0 Lushwood Fame Lullaby wants you to bring her Blood of the sky.
Demon Eye Quest Prinsa Lushwood Fame 0 0 0 Lushwood Fame Prinsa wants you to bring her Demon eyes.
Aquatic Plant Burning Allik Gip Lushwood Fame 0 0 2500000 Lushwood Fame Allik Gip wants you to burn down 5 Aquatic plants. Find each of the five Aquatic plants around Lushwood, stand near them, then double-click the gem Allik Gip gave you. Once you've burned 5 plants, return to Allik Gip.
Rainya's Coven Access Yuriel Lushwood Fame 0 0 0 Access to Rainya's Coven.
Elysium Access Abigail You must be a seraph to start this quest. You cannot gain access to Elyssium until you are level 100. 0 0 15000 Elysium Access Bring an apple to Abigail. She gives you a Book of 1000's Destinys. Go to the Forest of No Return and find an endless portal moving along the water on the south/southwest side of the island. Double-click the Book of 1000's Destinys and enter the portal. Find Tridan Arcanus on the island you get teleported to and he'll direct you to the Raven's Dust Library. Go to the Library and talk to Scholar Rieedel to receive Scriptures of the Damned. Return to Tridan Arcanus and he will tell you to find the entrance to Elysium. Buy an Elysium expansion pack key and give it to Greenfang to get to Elysium.
Ancient Sanctum Access Manatha Lushwood Fame 0 0 0 Access to Ancient Sanctum. To access to the Ancient Sanctum area, you have to gain enough fame in Lushwood. Once you have enough fame, talk to xxxx who wanders in front of the Ancient Sanctum gate and say "enter".
Radiant Copper Medallion Quest Ghelli Loyd Elysium fame 100 0 0 Radiant Copper Medallion Bring 250 battle tokens (from the colosseum) to Ghelli Loyd in exchange for a Radiant Copper Medallion.